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Digital Transformations For Complex Manufacturers

Double-Digit Shop Metric Improvement 

Proprietary algorithms designed for complex manufacturing in Aerospace, Medtech, and other industrials.


Gain end-to-end data visualization of your shop floor with highly intuitive factory innovation software - FactoryTwin™ - and expert guidance


Advanced analytics, AI/ML to improve shop performance. 


Fast identification and realization of value creation opportunities

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Powerful Analytics, Simplified

Our software dynamically mines factory data from any number of databases or formats and constructs a FactoryTwin™. This digital replica allows users to experiment with alternative strategies like shift structure, equipment, late suppliers, and staffing issues without shop floor disruptions. 

Our award-winning algorithms utilize descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to show real-time performance metrics and deliver accurate KPI predictions now and long into the future. 


Our software platform, FactoryTwin™, was designed by industry veterans and through extensive surveys of supply chains. 


Simplicity is our guiding principle. User-friendly representations of factory behavior empowers companies to make smarter management decisions. 

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Our services are optimized for complex discrete manufacturers that produce high precision and high value products such as Aerospace and Medtech parts and systems. Unlike many other industries, Aerospace and Medtech manufacturing is characterized by long lead and set up times, low volume-high product mix, and a broad distribution of process run times. These complexities routinely result in poor on time delivery, low inventory turns, and constant margin pressure.


As a result, there is a huge unmet need for advanced solutions using sophisticated analytics and user-friendly software. Our current client base spans a vast swath of complex discrete manufacturers including legacy manufacturers, private equity owners, technology entrepreneurs, and new entrants in the market.

Our Expertise

The advanced and diverse knowledge of our staff allow us to provide unrivaled advisory services. Our consultants are engineers with real-life manufacturing and supply chain experience. Many have held executive C-level positions in major aerospace companies. They understand the stated and unstated needs of clients, partner effectively and efficiently with client teams, speak the language that only practitioners know, while executing projects with rigorous frameworks, and proprietary tools proven to improve business metrics by double digits.

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