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About Us

Founded in 2017 as Advisory Aerospace, we have now transitioned into a factory analytics software provider. Advisory Aerospace OSC has since been rebranded as FactoryTwin™, named after our SaaS platform.  We are a dedicated team of computer scientists, data engineers, and experienced industry professionals committed to transforming the manufacturing industry.

Our Mission

"Simplify Factories. Unlock Productivity."

FactoryTwin™ software uses advanced algorithms to enable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics of factory data to bring about a step improvement in factory operational metrics like delivery performance, quality issues, cash flow, and profitability. 

Our Vision

"FactoryTwin will empower operational decision making at all complex SMB (Small & Medium sized Businesses) factories, irrespective of their size and industry."

SMBs are highly price sensitive, lack internal data science & software expertise, and are generally ignored by current manufacturing software vendors.  FactoryTwin offers a much more comprehensive and affordable solution to their pain points.

Our Values

1. Do what you said you'll do.

2. Keep it simple.

3. Quality throughout.

4. Caring criticism, not blame.

5. Persistence in adversity.

We codified our values using the vision of our founder and active input from our team. We hold the above values sacrosanct and are guided by them "when no one is looking":

Our Team

Our Hopkins (MN) based team is comprised of computer scientists, mathematicians, data scientists, and engineers that design, develop, and support innovative factory optimization software to meet the operational needs of our customers. We are pros in data investigation, data cleansing, and developing user intuitive software to build the FactoryTwin of your own manufacturing operation. 

Strategic Leadership
Senior Consultants
Careers at AdvisoryAero

Have a passion for aerospace or Medtech? Love manufacturing operations? Want to take control of your personal career growth & shape the aerospace industry? We are always looking for exceptional candidates. When you join our firm, you join our team of experienced and motivated game changers. You will get exposure in multiple industry-wide issues and to major companies in the aerospace supply chain. We take pride in investing in our team and provide support for professional training in addition to a competitive compensation package. 

Job Listings
Dot Net Full Stack Developer

REQUIREMENTS: a developer experienced in helping create and manage full-stack web apps paired with SQL databases and networked data sources. Minimum 2 years’ experience with C# coding and .net environment is required. A broad knowledge of web technologies (such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP etc.) is also required.

PREFERENCE: A strong mathematical and analytical background will be preferred for the implementation of the complex analytics we implement in our codes. We will be using  functional programming heavily and the paradigms that surround it (such as Concurrency and Parallelism), so a prior familiarity with these is preferred but not required. 

EDUCATION: A degree in computer science or software engineering preferred. 

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