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About Advisory Aerospace OSC

In the last couple of years, we have transformed ourselves from an aerospace operations & supply chain boutique consultancy into an aerospace manufacturing data analytics & software vendor. Our operations expertise and proprietary software have been deployed at OEMs like Lockheed Martin, yet our market focus is on Tier One, Two, and Three aerospace manufacturers. The latter group comprises of over 6000 shops in the US alone, according to BLS.

Our software suite FactoryTwin™ integrates and cleanses all sources of factory data—including ERP, PLM, QMS, spreadsheets, etc.—and builds a high fidelity model of the entire factory and its supply chain. It then applies advanced analytics to predict the future performance of the factory and prescribes strategies to optimize it. Our user interface simplifies complex factory physics and deep algorithms, and is easy to use by practitioners on the shop floor to the CEO. The insights available with FactoryTwin™ delivers a single source of truth.

Our Team

Our Minneapolis based team is comprised of computer scientists, mathematicians, data scientists, and engineers that work to design innovative factory optimization software to meet the technological needs of our clients. We are pros in data investigation, data cleansing, and developing user intuitive software from the ground up. Our team is fully equipped to tailor our existing software to best fit the specialized needs of our clients.  

Senior Consultants
Craig Musson
Strategic Sourcing & Supply Chain

Operations Executive, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing at Pratt & Whitney. Managed spend over $2B and negotiated tens of billions in long term contracts.

thumbnail_Samir Sehovic - Profile Image.jpg
Samir Sehovic
Cloud AI & Cybersecurity

25 years of experience in software development with expertise in cloud architecture and cybersecurity. Additional proficiency in AI and ML.

Dave Roscoe
ERP & PLM Systems

Senior Fellow in Product Lifecycle and Data Management at United Technologies Corporation. Decades of experience in ERP/PLM systems; their implementation and automated data migration.

Ana Muriel
Operations Research

Associate Department Head and Professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst,  in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Recognized expert in scheduling, mixed integer programming, among other cutting edge operations research areas. 

Careers at AdvisoryAero

Have a passion for aerospace or Medtech? Love manufacturing operations? Want to take control of your personal career growth & shape the aerospace industry? We are always looking for exceptional candidates. When you join our firm, you join our team of experienced and motivated game changers. You will get exposure in multiple industry-wide issues and to major companies in the aerospace supply chain. We take pride in investing in our team and provide support for professional training in addition to a competitive compensation package. 

Job Listings
Dot Net Full Stack Developer

REQUIREMENTS: a developer experienced in helping create and manage full-stack web apps paired with SQL databases and networked data sources. Minimum 2 years’ experience with C# coding and .net environment is required. A broad knowledge of web technologies (such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP etc.) is also required.

PREFERENCE: A strong mathematical and analytical background will be preferred for the implementation of the complex analytics we implement in our codes. We will be using  functional programming heavily and the paradigms that surround it (such as Concurrency and Parallelism), so a prior familiarity with these is preferred but not required. 

EDUCATION: A degree in computer science or software engineering preferred. 

Strategic Leadership
Vivek Saxena
Founder & CEO

PhD in Aerospace & Applied Math from University of Cambridge. Former President & CEO of Mooney International, Vice President of ICF Aviation Advisory, and Procurement Executive, General Manager, Chief Engineer and Plant Manager for Pratt & Whitney

  • LinkedIn
John Byrne

Former Vice President of Aircraft Materials & Structures at Boeing. Board chairman for STS Metals. Former board member of Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing 

Larry Betterley

CEO of Lexington Advisors LLC. Former CFO of Cardiovascular Systems Inc., Cray Research, Cima NanoTech Inc. and PLATO Learning Inc.

Ashim Bose

Senior Vice President & General Manager of Data Analytics for RealPage Inc. Former Chief Data & AI Officer at Omnitracs

Jaideep Srivastava

Co-Founder and CTO of Truro Analytics & Ninja Metrics. Computer Science & Engineering Professor at the University of Minnesota

Mark King

Former President of Aerospace for Rolls Royce. Former President and CEO of Internation Aero Engines

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