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What Our Clients Say

Our focus is giving clients the guidance and tools they need to achieve full transparency of their shop operations. Equipped with power of data, clients can make wiser management decisions and improve their KPIs. See first-hand how clients have transformed their shop operations using AdvisoryAero's expertise and software.

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Chairman of a $150M PE owned portfolio company

"AdvisoryAero team built a simulation of our shop including manual and inherently variable operations in a few weeks. The result was a clear inflection point in our cash flow. Inventory turns jumped from 2.5 to 3.75 in 6 months."
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Client Spotlight: Moeller Aerospace

Moeller Aerospace is a complex component manufacturer that specializes in turbine airfoils. Like many manufacturers, Moeller was seeking to improve delivery metrics and reduce inventory. AdvisoryAero assisted Moeller in creating an internal SIOP process and provided them with long term planning software. This tool has dramatically improved performance visibility and enabled Moeller to run effective monthly SIOP cycles.

Case Study: Shop Transformation

AdvisoryAero was approached by a $50M manufacturer that was expecting a 200% increase in sales orders over the next three years. The shop averaged 40% on time delivery performance with 10-20% volatility. Despite having 50,000 component level parts, the shop relied heavily on an outdated system and tribal knowledge. 

The Situation

AdvisoryAero was asked to identify and relieve production bottlenecks as well as optimize capacity utilization. The target was to double on time delivery.

The Ask
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AdvisoryAero began by collecting process cycle time data and lead times at suppliers. Shift structure, batch size, production scheduling, and outsourcing methods were optimized using AdvisoryAero's  simulation tool, OptimizerAero. This application was also used to implement a stochastic shop simulation which allowed us to quantify shop-level impact of part lead times.

The Process

AdvisoryAero delivered a 30% reduction in inventory while increasing fill rate by double digits. The client saw a 40% increase in delivery performance and continue to improve. The engagement resulted in significant changes to shift structure, department structure, and outsourcing strategy. Lastly, AdvisoryAero implemented a strategic buffer and optimized product batch size.

The Result
Case Study: 50% Inventory Reduction

Recently acquired PE shop had too much cash flow tied up in inventory. There was an inconsistency in lot sizes, OSP batch sizes, and customer kit quantities. Lead times of high runner parts were excessive and highly variable.  

The Situation

AdvisoryAero was asked to help improve delivery by lead time reduction and reduce inventory to acceptable levels for maintaining high on-time delivery.

The Ask

The process began with a dynamic value stream mapping exercise. Client's financial statements and operational methodologies were reviewed to better acquaint the team with client policies and practices. OSPs and planners were extensively interviewed using our structured framework. 

The Process
Inventory Aging (2).png
Inventory Turns (3).png

Lot sizes were optimized by accounting for supplier constraints, any physical constraints in the factory, OSP process constraints, MEQ considerations, and resultant product cost. AdvisoryAero delivered a dynamic tool to track aging of various types of inventory helped drive commercial actions. Inventory turns were improved by 50% in 6 months time making the factory best in class.

The Result
Case Study: Military Jet Cost Reduction

One of the largest aerospace and defense company was experiencing a ramp up in aircraft production concurrent with technology insertion. The U.S. Department of Defense issued a production cost challenge to be met in a very short time.

The Situation

AdvisoryAero was asked to reduce the cost for two critical systems, and deliver software tools and standard methods for the client's cost reduction group.

The Ask

Cost Over Time

ejection seat cost over time.PNG

Total Shipment Cost

Spend breakdown by component type.PNG

AdvisoryAero conducted a rigorous examination of supplier and sub-tier CBOM data. This involved thorough data analysis, interviews, secondary research, and on-site visits to identify cost reduction opportunities. Parts were sorted into five part families: machined, composite, standard hardware, raw materials, and electronics. Exhaustive spend analytics by supplier, commodity, and part type was conducted. A historical cost trend and "should cost" analysis was also completed.

The Process

At the end of the engagement, AdvisoryAero delivered a 6% cost reduction over and above client's original supplier agreements. Client staff was trained to apply the principles and software provided by AdvisoryAero to their other aircraft systems and continues to reap the cost-saving benefits of our partnership. 

The Result
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