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Thought Leadership

Sharing decades of expertise to propel the aerospace industry into the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Digital Transformation of manufacturing operations begins with FactoryTwin.

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Upcoming Speech
Aviation Week: Digital Transformation Summit
Oct 3 - 4, 2023, Seattle, WA

Vivek Saxena will be moderating a panel discussing how smart manufacturing practices can build efficiency in factory operations. Other panelists represent Spirit AeroSystems, RTX, and Siemens.

Recorded Speeches & Panels

"Your Factory Data is your Superpower at Aviation Week 2022"

A highlight of practical approaches to best leverage existing factory data while continually and efficiently improving data integrity. 

"The Road to Digital at Aero Engines America 2021"

A brief discussion of the challenges engine shops have faced while digitizing their MRO IT networks.

"Digital Technology in Aerospace Manufacturing"

A high level brief of the COVID-19 impact on aerospace production— specifically large fixed wing aircrafts and engines.

Past Speeches & Panels

Aviation Week A&D Raw Materials and Manufacturing Conference

Moderated a panel discussing case studies in manufacturing analytics

Apr 2023 -  Atlanta

Aviation Week A&D SupplyChain Conference

Feb 2023 -  Beverly Hills

Moderated a panel on factory analytics

Aviation Week A&D Manufacturing Conference

May 2022 -  Greensboro

Keynote speech on "Your Factory Data is your Superpower"

9th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium

Presenter on 'Scaling up to AAM'

Jan 2022 -  San Jose

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Feb 2021 -  Virtual

Main stage presenter on 'Transformative Technologies: The Next Production System Paradigm'

MRO Transatlantic Virtual Conference

Oct 2020 -  Virtual

Speaker on the digital ecosystem

Plastics in Aerospace

May 2020 -  Virtual

Keynote speech on "Post COVID-19 Scenarios for the Supply Chain"

Aviation Week Aero-Engines Americas

Feb 2020 -  Virtual

Chair of the panel on "The Great Big Technology Panel (Part 2)"

Speed News Aerospace Manufacturing Conference

May 2019 -  Virtual

Keynote speech on "The Near Future of Aerospace Manufacturing"

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance Conference

Feb 2019 -  Virtual

Chair of the panel on "Affordability in Action"

Aviation Week Aero-Engines Americas

Jan 2019 -  Dallas

Chair of the panel on "Capacity, Completion and Market Demand-- Assessing the State of Aero-Engine MRO'

Speed News Aerospace Manufacturing Conference

May 2018 -  New Orleans

Keynote speech on "Manufacturing in Emerging Countries - Challenges & Opportunities for Western SMEs"

Aviation Week Aerospace Manufacturing Conference

May 2018 -  New Orleans

Chair of the panel on "Lessons & Synergies - Aerospace & Automotive Manufacturing"

Speed News B&GA Conference

Oct 2017 -  Los Angeles

Keynote speech on "Flying Cars & Air Taxis"

Farnborough Airshow

July 2016 -  United Kingdom

Chair of the panel on "Automation in Aerospace Manufacturing"

Speed News Aerospace Manufacturing Conference

May 2016 -  Charleston

Keynote speech on "New Adventures in Aerospace Manufacturing"

M&A Case Studies

Dec 2015 -  Hamburg

Improvements in the long tail of aerospace supply chain

Paris Airshow

June 2015 -  France

Chaired the supply chain panel with VPs of Global Supply Chain from GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney as panelists

Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace Briefings

April 2015 -  Los Angeles

Chaired the one day conference organized by Speed News

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