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Our experts are functional leaders, problem solvers, software developers, data scientists & they have been in your shoes as industry executives.

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National Science Foundation Recognition

Our cutting edge analytics and software have been awarded the Small Business Innovation Research Award by the National Science Foundation. In February 2021, AdvisoryAero received a $250,000 Phase I grant from the National Science Foundation to support our goal of developing optimization strategies to improve U.S. competitiveness in aerospace manufacturing. 

We have been awarded an additional $1M for Phase II to scale up and further commercialize our FactoryTwin™ software. This innovative tool can be leveraged to reduce product cost, improve delivery, and increase cash flow.

Areas of Excellence
Transaction Support & Operations Due Diligence

Our methodology and tools have helped our investor clients identify and quantify operational opportunities upfront, so COGS in proforma financial statements is the best projection of ground reality. 

Identification of value creation opportunities during diligence enables quick post-acquisition implementation. Quantification of opportunities with clearly defined project plans is our forte.

Post-Acquisition Value Creation

Instead of popular but ultimately cumbersome activities like ERP upgrades, AdvisoryAero focuses on how to quickly realize value. Our value creation tools are ERP agnostic, easy to use and designed to maximize returns.

Our focus is on the critical few, like on time delivery, profitability, cash flow, and other client defined objectives. 

Product Cost Reduction

Whether it is Partnership for Success at Boeing, War on Cost for the Joint Strike Fighter at Pratt & Whitney,  UTV² at United Technologies Corporation, or the recent JSF cost reduction at Lockheed Martin. We were there helping manufacturers.


Additionally, our team has helped several small and medium sized suppliers not only to cope with cost mandates but to thrive with unforeseen efficiencies gained through our engagements.

Operations & Supply Chain Digitalization

FactoryReadiness™ is a deep but practical approach to quantifying a factory's digital maturity.

FactoryDiagnostics™ identifies gaps in data completeness, consistency and accuracy and guides gap closure.


FactoryTwin™ executes transformation and tracks business metric improvements.

Double Digit Shop Metric Improvement

Our proprietary productivity tools are MES/ERP system agnostic. 


FactoryTwin™ is designed to handle both day-to-day execution optimization and high-fidelity long-term planning. 

We have demonstrated double digit improvements in key shop metrics like cash flow, on time delivery, and EBITDA.

Program Management Support

Our team members have program management experience with some of the largest military and commercial aerospace programs including F-35 and Commercial Engines. Expertise includes  contract management and Earned Value Management System (EVMS).


The value augmentation from our President and CEO level consultants makes our offering highly compelling to both our commercial and defense clients.

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